Daily Archives: September 5, 2009

Saturday, Saturday; a Perfect Kilt Day

It was a beautiful Saturday in Seattle.  Not too hot, not too cold, a little bit of rain and lots of fun folks stopping by the store.  

We did have a yarnplosion and there were boxes and bags everywhere but we are working on it.  Mr. Little was kind enough to bring the gorgeous Divine in to the store and a few other surprises that were still in their boxes.  I opened one of the boxes and then suddenly all the boxes were open!?   

Sometime during the day we had a gentleman come in with his wife/girl friend/the main knitting party or so we assumed.  And, boy were we wrong.  It turns out they both knit and the gentleman in question, David, knitted his own kilt-hose as shown in this photo.  Real man wear kilts!

We all though he was pretty crafty until he showed us his blog, Sweater Project and from there took us to VisiKnit.  VisiKnit allows you to type in your cable pattern, one click and presto your chart is ready to be viewed in jpg.  Thank you for sharing VisiKnit with us David and for allowing me to take your photo!  Please make it so that we can use VisiKnit for our lace patterns. 

I am off to go get a cup of tea and then work on some photos.  Good night everyone (or good morning)!