Daily Archives: September 10, 2009

More Tilli and a New Project

I am posting new Tilli closeouts as I type this entry (must publish this entry before midnight to keep the 30 entries for 30 days going). 

The first Tilli closeout is Sequined Lace and comes in all solid colors and the Dusty Purple happens to be my favorite.  Sequined Lace in Dusty Purple

And the second (and last) Tilli closeout is Beaded Silk with Sequins and my favorite color – this was hard to pick – is Bridgetown Brown.  More Tilli!

And, finally, my new quick and easy project: a pair of mitts knit with a new yarn I saw at a local show, Zealana’s Rimu.  Rimu is made of 60% New Zealand Merino and 40% Possum.  Rimu is soft!  On skein it is soft and lovely but had it not been for the skirt that was knitted with it I would not have gone for the yarn.

The skirt clearly had been around, possibly worn, washed and  gone from show to show and was it soft!  I mean cashmere level soft and may be even softer with a definite halo.  I cannot see myself wearing a knitted skirt as I imagine it will cling to every curve but I will make an exception for this skirt.  Though I would probably look silly constantly petting it while wearing it.

So I cast the mitts on and one skein is supposed to be sufficient: a single ball of Rimu weighs 50 grams and has 167 yards of yarn.  More on that later.  I know it supposed to be enough I just cannot believe it.

Goodnight to all!