Daily Archives: September 25, 2009

Kauni – A Beautiful Color Song

We received our first shipment of Kauni (after a long break), and we could not wait to open our boxes.  And once we did out came beautiful new colors.  My new favorite, EMC, has deep reds in combination with black. Dreamy color made just for me!  Isn’t she pretty?  And for some reason it make me think of one of my favorite shows, True Blood.  Then there is the EI with its beautiful lavender, wisteria, deep purple and beige combination. EI in its lavender beauty.  And, there is the russet, deep rich tangerine, mustard hued EX with occasional hints of deep amethyst  Just in time for Autumn for those of you who prefer autumn tones. 

There is more but I am beat.  I took advantage of the beautiful early fall weather and went for a somewhat hard run.  Must go to bed.  I hope you like the new Kauni colors.

Hope to see you here again tomorrow.