I run?

So tomorrow morning I run my first race in a while.  I signed up for the Alki Beach 5K Walk/Run at a moments notice and with no preparation at all.  I am excited and a tiny bit nervous.  Wish you could be there with me.

On another bit of news, more Kauni made it to the store.  We opened the box and…new colors!  The first new color is a combination of cinnabar Kauni in EB earth and chocolate browns,

russet and oatmeal hues.  And the second new color comes Kauni in EE with

pinks of all hues and white. 

We also had another surprise and got a new lace weight Kauni in EQ color line that is a single ply yarn with more yardage per hank.  Kauni Lace in EQ 

I am off to bed early tonight.  Hope to see you here again tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “I run?

  1. have fun on the run.. if you have to run on that big hill by the park if feel for you..got my malabrigo yesterday I’m in love..

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