Pretty Lace Things

I have known Kay for a little over a year and only from afar, we have never met in person, but what I know of her makes me like and respect her.  She is a person of integrity and a creative artist with a talent for finding the beauty in the simplest form and then applying it to her art, knitting and more specifically knitting lace.

A while back Kay sent a few of her creations to me and I have just gotten around to photographing them and wanted to share them with you.  The first design is a stole with a simple underlying pattern that is intended to emphasize the attributes of the yarn that is being used, Jojoland Melody (Kay loves Jojoland yarns).  I am not quite sure how many skeins were used, I think 4, but the stole, Simply Leaves Shawl, is very long. Rachel wears Simply Leaves Shawl  A quick thanks to beautiful Rachel for modeling Kay’s designs for us. 

We tried to get a better photo where we could show the transition of Melody colors and how they worked with the pattern and I think we got a good one with this shot: Simply Leaves Shawl in Nature












The second design is a hexagon shaped shawl made with Schaefer Trenna, a yarn exclusive to Little Knits – wait till you see the brand new colors we have received.  This beautiful shawl is called Autum’s Glory and uses one hank of Trenna.  Pretty Lace Things

This shawl is big enough to wrap around you easily yet it is light and non-confining and here is the proof:  Wrapped in Lace

Before I forget I should mention that Kay is the author of I Can’t Believe I am Lace Knitting, a great book for the beginner lace knitter.

I have had a slice of a great pie and I am ready for bed.  Sarah you forgot to take some home now I am stuck with it!  Such inconvenience. 🙂 

I hope you are well and enjoying your evening.

6 thoughts on “Pretty Lace Things

  1. I often check this blog and when I hit it yesterday, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. So many updates! Then I read, you’re doing it for a charity type purpose and I love that, but wanted to add…. I’m enjoying your posts immensely. I hope it’s driving some business to your wonderful Little Knits web site.

    A Satisfied Customer

  2. I’ve knit both of these shawls. Kay’s designs are beautiful and well charted. I’ve knit six of her shawls now. I’m definitely a fan!!

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