Pretty soft things & A Request for Help

I have been taking photos of Classic Elite’s Alpaca Sox , which means that I have to handle all the hanks, see the new colors and appreciate the feel.  This is usually when I get in trouble with stash related issues.  This time no such thing.  I did pick a hank and put it away into a basket intended as a house warming gift.  Hah, how is that for not feeling guilty!

And, of course, there are some new colors.  Here is my favorite and it happens to be a solid color.  We call it Velvet Plum and it is lovely.  Velvet like Plum I would rather wear this color near my face so I would most likely opt out of socks and go for a hat or a scarf but that is just me.  Of the new multi-colors I think the Moss-Malachite Deep Mossy Greens & Lapis Blues and Lapis is lovely.  And then there is the rather unique Fall/Winter color line that we have named “Please name this color.”  What is my name?  That concludes the yarn related portion of this post and I go on to the next topic where I ask for your help.  🙂

I need to come up with Halloween themed snacks that are healthy and fun for kids.  Minimum baking and cooking would be great.  A smoking bowl full of eyeballs would be lovely but how can I achieve that with healthy food that is actually edible?  Anything gruesome and/or funny and edible would be great.  And one final note, no candy allowed.

Hope you are all well and knitting and crocheting with a smile.  And, hope to see you here tomorrow. 

10 thoughts on “Pretty soft things & A Request for Help

  1. Use sticky rice and olives for the eyeballs. Or pimentos if you would rather red pupils. Can’t help much with the smoke, though!

  2. This was so lovely to see on Saturday. Cran-tangerine-gelato is gorgeous (hmmm, and I have Mal Silky merino and Koigu in very similar colorways.) I was all set to try the Buckingham Alpaca Silk for my next shawlette, but this might edge that one out:).

  3. I don’t know if you can get it too, but in France we can buy little Mozzarella balls; you could fill them with small pieces of tomatoes, pepper or olives, and use tomato sauce as “blood”…
    Have fun!

  4. I’ve seen people use peeled grapes for eyeballs, and ditto for the olives and Mozzarella balls. You can make jello in weird colors, or how about fruit smoothies with strawberries that can be “bloody”?

  5. I think it should be called, “Totally Retro”. I love it. I just bought a bunch of fabric squares in these colors for a retro lap quilt.
    Make the kids some chocolate pudding, put it in a small little dish that looks like a plant pot, sprinkle the top with crumbled oreos or chocolate graham crackers and insert a gummy worm. These are called “dirt cups”. Kids adore them.

  6. The colors remind me of when you see the last of the summer colors greens mixed with the first of the autumn reds. ‘First Sign of Fall’?

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