Shoes, Phones, Potions & Mini Maidens

Shoe shopping was hurried and apparently they do not make shoes with lights for 6 year olds whose feet are larger than size 4.  If they do no one has heard of it and even Amazon does not have size 5 boy’s shoes with lights.  He was so sad that I had to let him try size 4 shoes just so that he can see that they would not fit.  I did find a pair of boots for him at Marshall’s at a great price but that is for later in the year.  So tomorrow may be a crock day. 

I did go into an Apple store to check out their iPhones and they had a major crowd.  Did you notice there is always a serious crowd in Apple stores?  They had a table set up with two iMacs with games on so the kids were busy playing and my 6 year old was happy.  But the wait was over 30 minutes for an “Apple consultant” so we left without being consulted. 

From there my first trip ever into Sephora for some test products then back into the parking lot like we were being chased.  Alas, we were late to go to Costco – awww shucks – I love shopping at Costco on weekends don’t you?  Especially an hour or two before they close-up.  It is one my favorite things.

Off to home we came and now I am working on posting rest of Hand Maiden’s Mini Maiden, a beautiful single ply wool/silk blend.  I am about to go to bed and wanted to share a few photos of this lovely yarn with you.  Plum Wine    Cedar

And, of course, Midnight in Paris:  Mindight in Paris

Hope you all had a great weekend and see you here tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Shoes, Phones, Potions & Mini Maidens

  1. I am even more saddened by the fact that they don’t make those shoes with lights in Ladies size 5. I have looked for these for years. I want a pair, desperately.

  2. Good luck finding crocs. I just got some from the croc store on-line for my older one. The Apple store does always have a vibrant feel. Love the new Mini Maiden colors. FA/HM was my introduction to hand-dyed yarn, and I think I will always like their colors.

  3. Midnight in Paris is beautiful so is the brown though

    My DS had size 5 feet when he was 6 many many moons ago Now they are 14’s and definitely his problem!!! Now he is the one with kids to keep shoes on!

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