Tilli is here and so is the school year

I am going through Tilli Tomas and posting all the lines we have received albeit a little slowly. 

Tonight I was able to get in Pure & Simple  Pure and Simple in Dusty Rose - so much more than Dusty Rose and the Beaded Lace lines.   Beaded Lace in Beautiful Brick

There is more.  Tomorrow I hope to be able to get everything in, which includes Sequin Lace and Beaded Silk with Sequins.  Tilli, as usual, is beautiful so while these lines and the colors we have gotten in are closeouts I think we should have at least Pure & Simple and may be the Rock Star at Little Knits regularly.  What do you think?  If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

On a completely unrelated matter, school year starts for my 6 year old tomorrow.  And then there is my 4 year old.  For those of you who know the story, I still have not been able to find a preschool for him.  We did try a preschool/daycare that came highly recommended and it was an absolute disaster. 

Both my sons have nut, dairy and egg allergies (nut being the most extreme).  During the first few days of my son’s attendance I found out that none of these facts were communicated to the day care staff appropriately by the administration.  Or if they were, no one stressed the significance of the matter and I guess the epi pin I brought in with my son was not enough of a clue.  They were/are nice folks but to say that the place was a mad house is a very accurate assessment.  Everyday, while at work, I expected my phone to ring with the news that my son had to be taken to the ER.

In his second day my son broke out all over as he came in contact with an allergant – what, we have no idea.  In his third day I went over to deliver lunch to find three kids eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the same table and when I expressed concern a solution was found: my 4 year old were to sit at a small table away from the other kids and eat on his own. 

During the month my son attended this daycare/preschool I kept him home for a total of 5 days out of concern for his safety for a number of reasons (and paid for those days).  Toward the end of his attendance my 4 year old was given a cheese cracker by a very nice and well meaning teacher who forgot about his allergies (he did not like it, spit the cracker out and did not have a reaction).

In their defense, I would like to say that at the end of the month they made an effort to keep the room nut free and attempted to sit my 4 year old with the other kids (pursuant a request from me).  By then I was scared, had lost my confidence in their ability to take care of him and he did not want to go. 

On the bright side, my older son goes to a school that is supportive and has taken care of him.  His classmates and their families have been simply wonderful and they all have done everything they can to create a safe environment for him.  Last year, one of his classmates made sure that the treats she brought into the class for her birthday were OK for my 6 year old.  I cannot tell you how touched I was.  I acknowledge that my son’s allergies limit his classmates’ choice of food and we do infringe on their rights.  With all that l am very appreciative for everything they have done.  I hope that I can find a safe environment such as this for my 4 year old.  What makes me smile is the fact that despite his allergies he is a healthy little boy who is a rascal and has absolutely no fear.

If you are reading this post, my apologies for the above narrative.  For some reason I felt the need to write, I hope you do not mind.  For those of you who have kids in school, here is wishing all of you a great school year and healthy kids.  And for all of us I wish for scrumptious yarn, beautiful projects, many FOs that may be enjoyed in good health with a smile.

5 thoughts on “Tilli is here and so is the school year

  1. I am absolutely shocked to hear that about your son. I’ve been studying education here in Australia and that would just not fly. No peanut butter. Ever. Even if there are no allergies. Not to mention that if there are severe dairy allergies as well, no dairy products. I would suggest coming over here for preschool, but I think that might be a bit of a long haul! 😉

  2. Gives new meaning to “Live to knit another day”! I’m sure you’ll find a better place for your 4-year-old. Such cavalier attitudes are the exception in preschools these days, in my experience. In our preschool last year, the classroom was dairy and gluten free (because of an allergic child) and the whole school was nut free, on principle. The gluten especially was a pain, but we coped.

  3. Blogs are all about talking about whats on your mind, you want to talk about the kids and their allergies, we are all for it

    I have used Tillie thomas just once and paid really high prices for it!

  4. Your story makes me appreciate the daycare my child goes to. Although, I worry about the day he starts school and how things will be handled there. My son has a dairy allergy as well, but I am still trying to figure things out it is a hard one to ask other kids to omit in their lunches.

    I don’t know if you’d remember me, but I was in a few weeks ago on a Saturday. I was visiting from Vancouver and I asked for some recommendations on where to take my kids for lunch. Thank you. I had a nice time in your shop and a very nice lunch too.

    I wish you continued success with your business and all the best for you and your family.

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