What to do with Yak?

Well, one could knit/crochet anything one would like with Yak but Jennifer shared a FO with me and I swooned.  So therefore, I must share.

Jennifer used her own Yak but these beautiful kilt hose would also work with Bijou Basin Tibetan Dream as the gauge is right. Swoon Worrthy Kilt-Hose

Did I mention that this is Jennifer’s own design?  She just sort of wipped it up.  You should see the back, it is truly incredible. Beauty in Cables

I took a photo of the heel but my photos did not come out right so Jennifer if you feel like adding to the post with some photos and additional details we would love to know.

So that is what I would do with my Yak if I could.  Jennifer, will you have a pattern available anytime soon?

5 thoughts on “What to do with Yak?

  1. Incredible socks! I have a big wad of brown yak here for spinning. Too bad I hate brown. It’s too dark to overdye…but the socks make me ambitious to try to do something with it anyway.

  2. There is definitely a pattern coming! I have the charts done and they are up on my ravelry project page and flickr feed:


    but detailed construction notes are in the works. If anyone wants to test knit their way through 1200 – 1500 yds of light fingering, let me know!

    I’m moving to Seattle in a couple weeks, and this pattern write-up (along with my Macho Ficchu: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jleigh/sets/72157614202627419/ which was knit with Malabrigo chunky from Little Knits!) are high on my personal to do list once I get settled in. 🙂

  3. My husband spends a lot of time in Scotland, and often wears his kilt. I would love to knit these for him (but not in yak…)…can’t wait for the pattern! Thanks so much Jennifer!!

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