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Emphasis on the “mmmmm” for the new test yarns that flew into our shop today.  I opened the box and suddenly a swarm of Mal junkies blinded me for about 15 minutes.  When I was able to see again I noticed that some of the hanks were gone! 

We received a fingering weight 80% merino wool, 20% cashmere in 100 gram hanks.  Each hank has 450 yards of merino-cashmere yarn.  This beautiful yarn has a lovely hand and begs to be knitted, crocheted and worn next to skin.  Malabrigo Merino/Cashmere Fingering comes in Stonechat, Teal Feather, Azul Profundo and Ravelry Red color lines.  They are pretty and beautifully dyed in richly saturated color lines.

Stonechat             Azul Profundo  

Ravelry Red                 Teal Feather

We also received lace weight 80/20 merino/cashmere that is put up in 100 gram hanks with tons of yardage, 1170 yards per hank to be exact.  We got only one color, Indiecita.


And finally, there was a gorgeous hank of 100% bamboo thrown in for good measure.  It is a HUGE 480 gram hank of bamboo yarn that is a 6-ply.  The label for the yarn does not give too much info but the weight appears to be light worsted and I am guessing the hank has approximately 950-1050 yards of bamboo yarn with a silky sheen.  Malabrigo Bamboo in Mystery Color Line  Color line was not named and I have not been able to guess.  Any suggestions?

I am off to work on the site – I have another surprise for you for tomorrow morning.  Must go get a cup of tea first.

I love Evilla!

For the last few days I have been photographing and listing Evilla Artyarn colors.   And just when I think I am done new colors come in.  So I decided to post about it tonight without further delay.

If you have ever worked with Kauni you know the super gradual and long color exchanges of their yarn.  Evilla Artyarn has the same gradual and long color exchanges, has the same yarn base (the gauge is exactly the same), only with a much wider color range.  It seems that I will never get done photographing and posting new colors. Evilla in Rich Fall Color Lines

In addition, Evilla seems to be rich in lanolin and has a ever so slightly softer hand.  When we opened our first box and grabbed our respective hanks the first thing we did was to smell the yarn and we loved the lanolin aroma.  The fiber seems almost directly from the sheep and you will feel the lanolin on your hands as you work with the yarn.

The colors…the colors of Evilla Ruby Shoes & Deep Blue Redsare simply stunning and makes me love this yarn.

Evilla Artyarn can easily be used as a substitute for Kauni.  If you are on Ravelry do a yarn search for Kauni and look at the projects.  Now multiply the potential for color lines by ten and you have Evilla.   Subtly Latte & Chocolate  Another cool thing about Evilla is that it comes in various weights.  We have not yet received the DK or Worsted weights in Evilla Artyarn but we hope to have those in the near future, which I thought would be ideal for heavier projects and for felting.

I have so many photos that I would like to share with you but I think I will stop with just one more.  Please excuse my enthusiasm, Evilla colors have me spell bound.  Magic!

Sending you my best from a late night in Seattle. 

I love red

And my furry baby Rontoo.  It is the latest we have been up for a while and as you can see he is rather tired.  Rontoo Sleeps  So he told me to make this quick so that he can finally go to his bed upstairs and snooze.  Sorry his photo is not one of my best, I was hurrying to get him before he rolled over but you get the idea, right?

Today I was busy opening boxes and right about the second one I hit red! Blue Blood Red The red I speak of is called Blue Blood Red and came in the Lamb’s Pride Bulky format.  I was weak so I took enough for a hat.  This is going to make a very warm hat, which will be perfect for windy days and Puget-cold-rain. 

I kept opening boxes and hit the Noro jackpot.  A whole bunch of Silk Garden Lite closeouts with a great color range.  Usually we get one or two colors that are similar this time it was not so.  Here is the beautiful deep colors of #2014 Silk Garden Lite 


and then the more playful colors of #2046 More Silk Garden Lite 


and the fall like #2047.  Silk Garden Lite for Fall  There is more and you can see it all under Noro Silk Garden Lite.

That is all for now.  Tomorrow it is Friday and I have to have some energy for my 4 year old who requires mom’s continuous attention and lots of play time.