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A July 4th Yarn Review

Happy July 4th everyone!  I hope you are all well and celebrating this beautiful day with a smile.

For those of you who are in the Seattle area and wanted to know, yes, we are open on Monday the 5th and hope to see you at the store.  We hope it will be a sunny day.  We will have some new things for you at our West Seattle location.

I thought this may be a good day for a quick yarn review.  I am a big fan of Fly Designs and Pat Fly’s fiber-magic.  I am always amazed when she manages to get deep, intense, jewel tones on most unlikely fiber combinations.  This is especially true for Flutterby, a 70% angora and 30% Polyamide blend with a soft hand and a great feel next to skin.   

When dyed, angora usually dilutes colors and in hand-dyed yarns this usually results in a pastel color range.  Not so for Flutterby.  Unless intentionally left as pastels Fly Designs’ color lines are rich and saturated, which results in beautiful finished garments whether knitted

or crocheted.  Flutterby in Green     Flutterby in Violets     In addition, Flutterby has an incredibly reasonable price point for a 70% angora yarn that come in comes in 4 ounce hanks with 900 yards of sport weight yarn. 

While working with Flutterby we have found that it has a soft hand and feels wonderful next to skin.  Here is what HelloKnitty of Ravelry had to say about her experience with Flutterby:

I worked with the Roses color line of Flutterby, which I thought to be a beautiful combination of light to dark pinks.  I like variegated yarns but sometimes have a hard time finding the right pattern to complement the colors.  With that in mind I set out to find the perfect stitch pattern for my Flutterby.  After a few tries I decided that the woven look of linen stitch worked well with this color. 

I started my wrap over three times and I can tell you from experience it is easy to frog (given the high angora content I was surprised).  I would recommend tugging gently as the yarn can snap when pulled hard.  The polyamide component of Flutterby provides strength that you will not find in 100% angora.

In my multiple attempts to come up with the right gauge I saw that linen stitch made a very firm fabric so I finally settled on U.S. size 9 needles, which gave me a soft, flexible, and almost a gauzy fabric.  I knit the wrap length-wise with 603 stitches.

Flutterby being knitted      Flutterby being knitted

The finished size for my scarf/stole ended up being about 110 inches long and 9 inches wide.  I think half as long and twice as wide would also be very functional depending on how you like to wear your scarves.  I can easily wrap this scarf/stole around my neck 3 times making a nice cocoon for myself.  

Flutterby being knitted

A quick note, I did wash and block a swatch while testing needle sizes but I did not block the finished wrap (I am too busy wearing it).  I was surprised to see my swatch was colorfast as in my experience intense reds and pinks – especially in hand-dyed yarns – have a tendency to bleed.

Overall, I enjoyed working with Flutterby.  While Flutterby is 70% angora and has a nice halo somehow this has been achieved without yarn being too fluffy.  This is a very soft and non-prickly yarn that is lightweight and warm at the same time.  Flutterby comes in beautiful colorways and has a wide color palette that can please everyone.