Daily Archives: July 7, 2010

Thursday Blog Giveaway

Today’s blog giveaway is sponsored by Skacel and comes with a box full of great stuff.   Thank you Skacel!!!

As you may already know Skacel is the U.S. distributor of Addi needles and crochet hooks as well as Trekking, STEP, Fortissima, and Zauberball.  Please let us know what specifically you like about Skacel products and more importantly, what other products or product improvements you would like to see from Skacel.  Please don’t be shy and let us know all your thoughts.

We will enter the names of all respondents into a pool from which we will select a name.  We will then randomly select a winner and annouce his/her name here and at Little Knits’ Ravelry group.  You have till Saturday (July 10th), midnight to get us your responses.

The winner will get the following goodies:

Live Stitch Blog Giveaway

  1. Addi Turbo 20” U.S. size 7 stitch holder
  2. Cable stitch holders (set of two)
  3. Two large safety pins (used as stitch holders)
  4. “Rotally” row counters (set of two)
  5. Turbo needle gauge
  6. Small yarn scissors
  7. One hank of Fortissima Socka Cotton (enough for a pair of socks)
  8. “What is your addiction” Addi T-Shirt
  9. A collectors eddition Addi Turbo/Lace circular needles.  These are 32” U.S. size 6 needles with an Addi Turbo tip at one end and Lace tip on the other end.

Hope to see you here!