Tuesday Blog Give-away

Today’s blog give away is brought to you by my forgetfulness. 

I had a nice selection of yarn/book/bag/needles, etc., selected for this give-away.  I took photos of the give-away package but forgot that little thingamajig that connects one’s camera to one’s laptop.  In the absence of the said thingamajig my photos could not be transferred to my laptop and I had to come up with a new give-away.  I actually came up with a few:

A $75 Little Knits gift certificate,  a $50 Little Knits gift certificate, and two $20 Little Knits gift certificates.  We hope these will help chase away the cold weather blues.

To be included in the drawing for one of the above prizes all you have to do is to post a comment.  You have till next Tuesday, November 9th, to tell us what you think would be the ideal prizes for a pattern/design contest.  For this please assume that we will hold a pattern/design contest, select winners and award them prizes.  What monetary or other type of award do you think would attract the designers (and you), to participate in such a competition?  If you think a free trip to Seattle would be a good price just say so.  Don’t be shy, please tell us what you think.     

Hope to see you at Live Stitch!

PS. I did mean “prizes” not “prices.”  This is what happens when you post at 1 AM and rely on spell check.

123 thoughts on “Tuesday Blog Give-away

  1. An entire weekend spent to shadow you, to feel and touch and finally to pick out any yarn I want would be the ultimate prizes.

  2. Wow! It’s nice that you are soliciting ideas. If it were me winning, I would totally be all about a new needle set, but some people just can’t have enough yarn. How about a trip to the store to spend their gift certificate in person?

  3. I think if it were a design contest for a design that was to be sold on your site, that a portion of all sales for say, the first six months, would be great… maybe a feature on your blog? FUN!

  4. A fun knitting bag with needles and fabulous yarn for the winning design and the publicity of winning the contest would be fabulous! We want your business to be profitable so we can continue adding to our stash at LK!

  5. There is something about a gift certificate…it is such a luxurious feeling. You have to take your time and imagine selecting all kinds of goodies…it’s like making yourself let the expensive chocolate melt in your mouth.

    Yes, a gift certificate is good.

  6. I would love to win yarn and pattern to knit a winning design!
    In lieu of that a Gift Certificate would be nice too…
    And of course the opportunity to fly across the country to pick up or spend said prize would be the ultimate!

  7. This sounds more and more interesting all the time! A gift certificate to use on all those fabulous yarns I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to affort….or a set of Addi-clicks…or that fabulous Namaste case to hold them all….hmmm, free shipping for a year?

  8. Like so many others, I think it would ideal if the winner was awarded a nice gift certificate along with their design being sold as a “kit”. The winner would also receive part of the proceeds for each kit sold.

    I can’t design, but if I could, I too would add a lovely trip to Seattle.

  9. I’m sure I’m going to say what most everyone has said: Yarn. Perhaps some fancy luxury yarn suitable for the design, or what have you. Maybe a shopping spree at the store? Yeah, my ideas are probably not very original. I imagine if I designed something, a percentage of all sales of the design would be nice, too.

  10. For the designer– pictures of their design on your site and an article about them
    For the winner- the pattern and yarn in whatever color the winner wants to complete the project. The best prize would be a trip to your shop to pick up the booty.

  11. it sounds lot of fun, even for a non-imaginative knitter like me. I love yarn and lace designs, but I don’t expect I could write a pattern. I would like to see patterns that can use a variety of weights (showing the interchange of needles and yarn size, as well as stitches needed, shawls, etc). I wouldn’t be able to travel, so a prize of a yarn kit with needles, maybe add a bag to hold the knitting. and then a tiny bit of recognition for the day. – Barb

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