Monthly Archives: March 2011

For Japan – Little Knits Matches Donations

For days we have been watching the complete devastation brought upon Japan by an earthquake and the following tsunami.  Now we wait and hope for good news while we feel the pain of our friends across the sea.

I have been thinking about how I would like my fellow human beings to react if such unfortunate events were to take place in my homeland and I can only hope that they will be there to help.  So I will start with the man in the mirror.

We have donated to Red Cross’ Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami fund and we would like to match your donations.  We have earmarked funds for this purpose, which you can read about at American Red Cross’ website or on Ravelry.  All you have to do is to donate through the Red Cross website and select Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami as your venue.  Follow the donation process; it is quite simple though the website is slow at times.  Once you finalize your donation you will receive an email from Red Cross with a summary of your contribution.  Forward that email to us at and we will match your donation (as long as your donation is made before the end of year 2011 and we have not exhausted the earmarked funds).  We will notify you of our matching donation as soon as possible.

To our friends in Japan, you are in our thoughts and prayers.