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I finally found a quick project that is not too complicated yet not too simple and one that is stylish enough so that when gifted will actually be worn.  I cast on Miercoles Tam from Knitscene Winter 2011 with Brown Sheep Superwash Worsted in Golden Bronz.

Miorecoles Tam The project calls for only one skein of Brown Sheep Superwash Worsted and I cast on the larger size but the tam does not look big enough for an adult as it is on my needles.  I often do over estimate head sizes and the pattern does say that the tam will relax after wet blocking but…guess who did not swatch.  Yes that would be me.

Also, I would like to know who has been hiding all my stitch markers.  I keep buying a new set almost every month and in 3-4 weeks they are gone!  What is a girl to do?  Here is the tam looking all funky as this was the only quick solution I could think of.

Mirecoles hat in Brown Sheep Superwash

Just finished the set up row and the first two rows of the cable chart and the hat still looks tiny.  I should have swatched.  But I am not frogging at this point.  Worse case scenario we have a cute little model for the store.  Best case scenario my friend Janine will be sitting by a pond and posing with her new hat just like this.

Miorecoles Tam

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