Rondo with Bravo

I have been told I hoard yarn and don’t knit.  This may be – partially – correct but when I do knit I usually have 5-6 projects going at the same time.

This time I am surprised to find myself knitting with Bravo, a 100% acrylic yarn, hark!  I had intended to make a running/walking hat that I could throw into the wash without feeling guilty.   I am really surprised to find that I am thoroughly enjoying working with Bravo.  It is knitting up to make a soft and squishy finished garment with a wonderful stitch definition that allows the cable pattern to pop very nicely.

Rondo Hat Knitted with Bravo

The hat pattern I am using, Rondo (Ravelry link), has been in my queue for a while (Little Knits has no financial affiliation with the designer nor will we benefit from the sale of the pattern).   Rondo calls for a worsted weight yarn but I have found that the DK weight [Bravo][4] is working just fine.  I am using the same suggested needle sizes but went up in hat size and it seems to have worked out.

Rondo Hat

I love the crossover rib pattern used for the brim, it is by far the best rib pattern I have knitted.  It is pretty and stretches very nicely.  I have been knitting for two days, during the TV portion of my nights only, and I am more than half way done.

I wanted to share my experience with Bravo because I normally avoid acrylic and this has been a uniquely pleasant knitting experience.  And I wanted to mention Rondo, because it is a super cute hat pattern and the designer, Kate Oates, has provided instructions for 6 different hat sizes, which I love.

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