Daily Archives: February 19, 2014

Rowan’s Fine Art Collection

We’re thoroughly charmed by Rowan’s Fine Art Collection, a book of 14 cozy sock and accessory designs – now available 10% off at Little Knits!

This book offers an eclectic range of sock patterns: lacy, cabled, knee-high, thigh-high, colorwork, and basic ribbed. There is also a well-written eight-page section on how to knit socks for first-timers!

If you need a break from knitting socks, there are four scarf and wrap patterns to keep your neck just as warm as your toes.

Rowan Fine Art is a hand-painted blend of merino wool, kid mohair, mulberry silk and polyamide for durability, touted as Rowan’s first sock yarn. Snag some for 25% off today at Little Knits!