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Schachenmayr Bravo Super Sale & Free Patterns

We have been lucky to get in some Schachenmayr yarn lines that we have put on super sales and Bravo is one of them.  Bravo is a soft and squishy 100% acrylic yarn line that comes in solid and multi-color lines.  It is versatile yarn, it is machine washable, and wears comfortably next to skin.  Bravo is on sale at 74% off at Little Knits.   We found a couple of really fun patterns that can be worked with Bravo and thought you may like to have them too:

Ladie's loop scarf and beanie pattern                              Freida Rabbit


Fritz & Hans Monkey


Free Patterns & A 70-87% Off Super Sale

SMC Pertinio is a beautiful cotton and viscose blend with a subtle golden shimmer and it is on sale at.  The wrapped construction gives the yarn a shiny, stripy surface and makes it cool to the touch.  Pertinio is a trendy yarn which reflects the current interest in metallic detailed surfaces.  This velvety yarn makes cool garments and accessories with a lovely drape.  This yarn is very much like Berroco Captiva only with more yardage.  Here are some pretty free patterns for Pertinio for your knitting pleasure (just click on the pictures to download a PDF of the patterns shown):

pertinio2        pertinio1

pertinio3    pertinio4

The next SMC yarn is Trachtenwolle Fine, this is an all-purpose rough and tough yarn that is robust and natural yet easy to care for; Trachtenwolle Fine is machine washable.  You can create anything from traditional folk-styles to trendy or classic garments.  Trachtenwolle Fine is on a 70% off super sale at Little Knits and here is a couple of free patterns for this yarn line:

Hooded Sweater    Hooded Pullover

And finally, SMC Baldini Colori is a soft and squishy bulky weight yarn with a thick and thin boucle construction.   Made of 45% new wool and 55% acrylic it comes in a beautiful blend of colors and works up quickly to make jackets, wraps and scarves just to name a few.  Baldini Colori is on a 83-87% off super sale at Little Knits and here is a fun wrap/scarf for pattern for this yarn line:

Baldini Scarf Small

Hope you can enjoy at least one of these patterns and get to try some of the yarn lines listed above.

Wild & Easy: SMC Dolce Vita

We found SMC Dolce Vita while we played ‘what is in the box’ last week, which is on a 83% off super sale at our website.

Dolce Vita is a single-ply wool blend that is constructed in loops and can be used to make scarves while using only your hands, which makes it a great gift for kids. Or, can be worked with knitting needles and/or a crochet hook. It can also be used as an embellishment for garments and felting projects.

Dolce Vita Color #3205

One skein is sufficient for a scarf but we are making a store sample with two skeins, which I think is nicer – we like long scarves. This fun and kooky yarn is unusual for Little Knits so we thought we would let you know about it.

Dolce for Ravelry combined

Rondo with Bravo

I have been told I hoard yarn and don’t knit.  This may be – partially – correct but when I do knit I usually have 5-6 projects going at the same time.

This time I am surprised to find myself knitting with Bravo, a 100% acrylic yarn, hark!  I had intended to make a running/walking hat that I could throw into the wash without feeling guilty.   I am really surprised to find that I am thoroughly enjoying working with Bravo.  It is knitting up to make a soft and squishy finished garment with a wonderful stitch definition that allows the cable pattern to pop very nicely.

Rondo Hat Knitted with Bravo

The hat pattern I am using, Rondo (Ravelry link), has been in my queue for a while (Little Knits has no financial affiliation with the designer nor will we benefit from the sale of the pattern).   Rondo calls for a worsted weight yarn but I have found that the DK weight [Bravo][4] is working just fine.  I am using the same suggested needle sizes but went up in hat size and it seems to have worked out.

Rondo Hat

I love the crossover rib pattern used for the brim, it is by far the best rib pattern I have knitted.  It is pretty and stretches very nicely.  I have been knitting for two days, during the TV portion of my nights only, and I am more than half way done.

I wanted to share my experience with Bravo because I normally avoid acrylic and this has been a uniquely pleasant knitting experience.  And I wanted to mention Rondo, because it is a super cute hat pattern and the designer, Kate Oates, has provided instructions for 6 different hat sizes, which I love.