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I run?

So tomorrow morning I run my first race in a while.  I signed up for the Alki Beach 5K Walk/Run at a moments notice and with no preparation at all.  I am excited and a tiny bit nervous.  Wish you could be there with me.

On another bit of news, more Kauni made it to the store.  We opened the box and…new colors!  The first new color is a combination of cinnabar Kauni in EB earth and chocolate browns,

russet and oatmeal hues.  And the second new color comes Kauni in EE with

pinks of all hues and white. 

We also had another surprise and got a new lace weight Kauni in EQ color line that is a single ply yarn with more yardage per hank.  Kauni Lace in EQ 

I am off to bed early tonight.  Hope to see you here again tomorrow.

Getting closer

I know I am not quite done with the 30-entries-for-30-days just yet but I already donated 1/4 of my funds to the Seattle Public Library.  Just recently the library was closed for about a week due to budget cuts and shortages.  We use the library extensively and I know plenty of West Seattle residents do too.  So I decided to give a part of

my “winnings” to them.  West Seattle Library

I have yet to decide where the rest is going but this was an easy one as we love the library and I feel having a good library system is a wonderful thing for a community.

Wishing you all a great week and hope to see you here tomorrow.

Shoes, Phones, Potions & Mini Maidens

Shoe shopping was hurried and apparently they do not make shoes with lights for 6 year olds whose feet are larger than size 4.  If they do no one has heard of it and even Amazon does not have size 5 boy’s shoes with lights.  He was so sad that I had to let him try size 4 shoes just so that he can see that they would not fit.  I did find a pair of boots for him at Marshall’s at a great price but that is for later in the year.  So tomorrow may be a crock day. 

I did go into an Apple store to check out their iPhones and they had a major crowd.  Did you notice there is always a serious crowd in Apple stores?  They had a table set up with two iMacs with games on so the kids were busy playing and my 6 year old was happy.  But the wait was over 30 minutes for an “Apple consultant” so we left without being consulted. 

From there my first trip ever into Sephora for some test products then back into the parking lot like we were being chased.  Alas, we were late to go to Costco – awww shucks – I love shopping at Costco on weekends don’t you?  Especially an hour or two before they close-up.  It is one my favorite things.

Off to home we came and now I am working on posting rest of Hand Maiden’s Mini Maiden, a beautiful single ply wool/silk blend.  I am about to go to bed and wanted to share a few photos of this lovely yarn with you.  Plum Wine    Cedar

And, of course, Midnight in Paris:  Mindight in Paris

Hope you all had a great weekend and see you here tomorrow.


I have written and rewritten this blog entry and my blog software is failing.  It has lost my entry several times so I am going to keep this post short and sweet so that I can get it up on the site.

Ladies and gentleman, we have fiber!  And I mean FIBER!  We have undyed Blue Face Leicester, silk merino blend, we have merino bamboo in solid color lines, we have hand-dyeds, and more.  So get ready for a fibertastick week.

See you here tomorrow, there will be photos. 🙂



I have new found respect for those who blog everyday and blog more than once.  How do they do it?  I have been on a 16 day streak and I am blogged out.  I am unofficially taking a day off but with a brief entry and the photo of a lovely yarn.  I promise I will do better tomorrow.