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Rontoo says: Must Wake up and Blog!

We have been working on moving the store to a new location, which started with the effort of first finding a new location.  Once that was done we had to get the new place into shape so that we could move in. 

Just in case you did not know, we are now in our new place at 3221 California Ave SW still in West Seattle.  Thus far we have decided on 3 retail days; Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays we are open from 11 AM till 5 PM.  We hope to add at least one more day and possibly a knit-together evening.  Please let us/me know any suggestions you may have.

Then there is the website, which we have been working on everyday and the beta Little Knits site is finally up.  Please note this is work in progress so we would love to have your feedback.

So I thought it is time to wake this blog up.  And who better to help me do this but Rontoo.Rontoo the Dog

If I am not here, I am at the store and during the day often I stop by Little Knits at Ravelry.  Please join us there for daily happenings and news all kinds. 

As always, I hope you are all well, knitting and crocheting with a smile.

A Lovely Hand-Dyed Yarn From Chile – Quellon

I finally got around to taking photos of Quellon and thought that I would share this great find. It is a great find because Quellon is not as well known as the other lines of Araucania Yarns and it has a unique fiber composition. Quellon is made of 82% viscose and 18% cotton, which makes this yarn very soft and the hand-dyed colors show beautifully with a lovely silky sheen.

Araucania Quellon a Hand-Dyed Yarn From Chile at Little Knits

Quellon is a great alternative to patterns that may call for Touch Me by Muench and makes light weight garments, shawls, stoles and scarves. I have also seen a Clapotis made with Quellon that looked lovely and felt great to touch. You can see our selection of Quellon at Little Knits. For those of you who do not know what Clapotis is, you can see a free pattern of this pretty stole/scarf, at Knitty.

More Schaefer Anne Please!

My favorite sock yarn – ever – is Schaefer’s Anne. I will spare you the reasons to my adoration as it is a long list. I will tell you however, this lovely yarn can be used for lace and not-so-lace projects as well and makes for a very color resilient and absolutely lovely knitted fiber.

Schaefer Anne A Hand Painted Sock & Lace Yarn at Little Knits

I am in the middle of taking photographs of 250 or so skeins of Anne in new colors and thought a good sale would be the best way to celebrate this beautiful cornucopia of Anne colors. Couple of facts – Anne usually comes in 2-4 skein sets but due to requests we have ordered at least 6 skeins of each color line for our lace knitters who need more than 2 skeins from the same dye lot. And the second fact, Anne is going to go on sale at $19.99 (down from $25), which usually means that most colors get picked-up within an hour of listing – if you would like some and would like to have a good selection please be here on Sunday afternoon/evening.

On a more personal note, I just picked up a UFO lace project that has been sitting around for over a year! This project has 32 row repeats that result in different stitch count each row. Added to all these fun is the fact that I am knitting with deep charcoal yarn, my poor eyes. Last night I almost frogged the whole 5 feet of this project…long story short, I finally figured out which row I am on and some progress has been made. This time I am not quitting or putting it down until it is done. One last thing, my stitch tension has changed! I am a bit puzzled about this. The portion I knitted last year looks different than the portion I am knitting now. I sure hope blocking will even it all out. More later on this – I would love it if it got done by Christmas.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.

Sue Fulay

PS. Diana, how am I doing?

Blogging frequently (I promise), and with good reason!

Diana just told me that I have to blog more – she finished walking through the store and did not get a single skein of yarn – what self control! So I am doing as I am told.

Seattle finally thawed and we have tons going on. New yarn line to our store Muench Yarns! I love this because we received our first shipment yesterday with Touch Me in some of the boxes. Guess who is going to knit with it!?

We also received several discontinued GGH yarn lines that we are going to sell at incredible prices, again from Muench. One of these yarns is Via Mala, a beautiful 100% wool yarn that is heavy worsted to bulky weight and comes in 50 gram skeins with 74 yards. Via Mala retails at $10 and we will be selling it at 65% off at $3.50 a skein or $28 for a full bag. As I said this yarn came in yesterday and already we have had multiple bags have walked out of the store. 🙂 For a medium size sweater one would need 12 skeins and for a large sweater I would recommend 14 skeins.

Via Mala by GGH Muench Yarns - On Sale at Little Knits

I know that Via Mala had pattern support through Rebecca magazine but unfortunately, I do not have access to those patterns. Does anyone know which issue(s)? I would very much appreciate it if you could share. This is a quote from GGH re Gia Mala:

Via Mala is slightly roughened, giving it its elegant appearance. To back up its use as a craft wool, a completely new process was implemented to give this yarn its extraordinary characteristics. This process gives the yarn its high volume and softness. After its first wash the garment will show off all its positive characteristics and overwhelm with its wear and care properties. The natural characteristics of the yarn remain intact. Via Mala thus behaves like a high-quality cashmere yarn, which doesn’t achieve its full potential either until after the first wash.

I hope you decide to try some for your next sweater, hat, gloves, or even felting project.

PS. Diana thanks for the push – I promise I will be posting as fast and frequently as humanly possible.


Snow, Ice and Other News

Finally, yesterday temps went into the 40s and the snow and ice that had made life come to a halt in Seattle melted into slush and then simply floated away. Ffor those of you who don’t know, snow and ice are a rare occurence in Seattle for which the city is never prepared. This has caused a delay in our shipment schedule and we are attempting to upgrade delayed orders to priority shipment when we can.

This thawing has made me think, what can we do celebrate!? So I have some deliciously wicked ideas about having a luxury sale of sorts. Does anyone have any ideas? Do let me know please. Must go back and get a much needed cup of coffee.

Fulay – aka Sue