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Wild & Easy: SMC Dolce Vita

We found SMC Dolce Vita while we played ‘what is in the box’ last week, which is on a 83% off super sale at our website.

Dolce Vita is a single-ply wool blend that is constructed in loops and can be used to make scarves while using only your hands, which makes it a great gift for kids. Or, can be worked with knitting needles and/or a crochet hook. It can also be used as an embellishment for garments and felting projects.

Dolce Vita Color #3205

One skein is sufficient for a scarf but we are making a store sample with two skeins, which I think is nicer – we like long scarves. This fun and kooky yarn is unusual for Little Knits so we thought we would let you know about it.

Dolce for Ravelry combined

Malabrigo Rasta

The newest sale in the 12 days of Little Sales is Malabrigo Rasta! This yarn is fabulous. Rasta is a super bulky 100% merino single ply, with a slight twist. It’s a little like Malabrigo Worsted’s (very) big sister. Recommended gauge is 2-2.5 Stitches to an inch on U.S. size 13-17 needles, and it has approximately 90 yards in each 150 gram hank.

Rasta comes in some amazing colors and it is soft soft soft. My favorite of the moment is probably Baya Electrica.

Malabrigo Rasta - Baya Electrica

I think this color would look amazing as a Marian. This cowl is a free pattern available on Ravelry by Jane Richmond.

The Ovate shawl was designed originally with Rasta in mind. The designer’s photos show it in Pearl Ten (one of my all time favorite greys!).

Every time I go to Little Knits I’m so tempted by the Rasta. I’ve wanted to buy some forever, and with a sale like this I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist! That Baya Electrica (and Pearl Ten, and Glazed Carrot, and Grassland, and Plomo…) call to me!

Malabrigo Rasta in Unique Colors Lines

Zealana Air

New at Little Knits is Zealana Air, a luxurious lace weight yarn hailing from New Zealand. Air is composed of 40% Cashmere, 40% Brushtail Possum Down and 20% Mulberry Silk, and comes in balls of approximately 191 yards (25 grams).

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a skein of this gorgeous yarn. It’s description is intriguing, and with the cold weather we’ve been having, I want to drop all my current projects to knit some up right away! “AIR features the actual down from the brushtail possum… and when combined with 40% cashmere and 20% mulberry silk, you get something extraordinary-an ultra soft, durable, pill-resistant yarn that is lighter and warmer than 100% cashmere.” (Quote from the Zealana website).

One pattern specifically designed for Air is the  Light as Air Mitts, by Nathalie O’Shea.

This free pattern takes only one skein, and it would look beautiful in Pewter.

Zealana Air - Pewter (Color A3)

Air would also be perfect knit up into Wisp. Another free pattern, Wisp could be knit with two to three skeins of Air, and would be fluffy and delicate

Air is currently part of the 12 days of Little Sales, so you Little Knits aficionados know it won’t last long!

Ahh Malabrigo!

Ahh, Malabrigo, my favorite of all yarn lines. Today’s offering from Little Knits 12 days of Little Sales is Malabrigo Rios. My favorite yarn from my favorite manufacturer!

It’s going to be really hard for me to pass up an opportunity to get the lovely Rios at 20% off, but I might be helped by the fact that I snuck up to Little Knits sans toddler a weekend or two ago and snagged three skeins of Aguas.

Malabrigo Rios - Aguas

Rios is a fantastic yarn. It’s a worsted weight (4.5-5.5 stitches to an inch on U.S. size 6-8 needles), superwash, 100% merino wool. It is uber soft, squishy and cosy, and comes in many of Malabrigo’s always beautiful colors.

I’ve used Rios for a variety of projects, and it has held up well in all of them.

This hat (yes, another Thorpe, I know, I’m obsessed!) was knit over a year ago, and has held up amazingly well. Being worn all winter (which can drag on until June here in Seattle), and stuffed into a diaper bag along with toys and snacks and all associated detritus when not being worn, hardly affected it. When it got cold again this fall, I chose Rios again to knit up a new one, since he had grown out of this one.

Rios is fantastic for items worn against the skin. These Dashing mitts get a lot of wear and still look lovely!

If you’re looking for an uber soft worsted weight wool, Rios is unbeatable, and the fact that it’s superwash is icing on the (yarn) cake!

The beautiful Debbie Bliss Fez

We finally finished posting all the beautiful colors of Debbie Bliss Fez, which is made of 85% extrafine merino and 15% camel.  Simply put Fez is beautiful.  It is soft, plush and knits & crochets like a dream, and comes in lovely color lines.  It is also on sale at 60-65% off at our store and at our website.

We also found a quick to knit project that calls for Fez, which we would like to share with you:

Debbie Bliss Fez Cowl

Materials: Two balls of Debbie Bliss Fez (shown in color 511).  U.S. size 8 circular needles (5 mm).

Finished Size: Approximately 33.5 inches.


With U.S. size 8 needles cast on 172 stitches.  Work in the round as follows:

1st and 2nd rounds: [P2, k2] to end.

3rd & 4th rounds: P1, [k2, p2] to last 3 stitches, k2, p1.

5th & 6th rounds: [K2, p2] to end.

7th & 8th rounds: K1, [p2, k2], to last 3 stitches, p2, k1.

9th & 10th rounds: [P2, k2] to end.

11th & 12th rounds: K1, [p2, k2] to last 3 stitches, p2, k1.

13th & 14th rounds: [K2, p2] to end.

15th & 16th rounds: P1, [k2, p2] to last 3 stitches, k2, p1.

These 16 rounds form the pattern and are repeated throughout.  Continue in pattern to the end of the second ball of yarn leaving just enough yarn to work the cast off row.

Cast off, weave in loose ends, lightly block and enjoy.