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Got Mink? Get Minksquisite!

Now 35% off at Little Knits, Minksquisite is our new fingering weight blend of 70% mink, 20% merino and 10% silk. We challenge you to find a softer yarn! The subtle heathers will show off more ambitious, complicated patterns, or pair perfectly together for colorwork. It has fantastic drape with a soft halo, and generous yardage – 330 yards per 50 gram ball!


If you need another excuse to fall in love with Minksquisite, we chose a collection of patterns just screaming for a little extra luxury.

Minkquisite Design Inspiration
Clockwise from top left: Endpaper Mitts by Eunny Jang, Color Affection Shawl by Veera Välimäki, Echo Flower Shawl by Jenny Johnson Johnen, and Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.

Don’t miss this chance to knit with this rare fiber! It truly is Minksquisite.

Zealana Air

New at Little Knits is Zealana Air, a luxurious lace weight yarn hailing from New Zealand. Air is composed of 40% Cashmere, 40% Brushtail Possum Down and 20% Mulberry Silk, and comes in balls of approximately 191 yards (25 grams).

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a skein of this gorgeous yarn. It’s description is intriguing, and with the cold weather we’ve been having, I want to drop all my current projects to knit some up right away! “AIR features the actual down from the brushtail possum… and when combined with 40% cashmere and 20% mulberry silk, you get something extraordinary-an ultra soft, durable, pill-resistant yarn that is lighter and warmer than 100% cashmere.” (Quote from the Zealana website).

One pattern specifically designed for Air is the  Light as Air Mitts, by Nathalie O’Shea.

This free pattern takes only one skein, and it would look beautiful in Pewter.

Zealana Air - Pewter (Color A3)

Air would also be perfect knit up into Wisp. Another free pattern, Wisp could be knit with two to three skeins of Air, and would be fluffy and delicate

Air is currently part of the 12 days of Little Sales, so you Little Knits aficionados know it won’t last long!

A Yarn Review – Evilla Anyone?

Welcome to the world of Evilla ArtyarnI was expecting a Kauni Effektgarn clone but I found something a little different.  The color repeats are long, the same as Kauni, the weight is the same as Kauni; not proving my point too well, am I?  The difference is . . . the feel.

Evilla 8/2 Wool A46

Evilla Artyarn is a fingering weight Shetland yarn.  Shetland has a reputation of being coarse and a little rough on the hands and skin when worn.  I happen to LOVE Shetland so I definitely don’t have a problem with knitting it or wearing it.  A quick FYI, you can get Evilla in different hank sizes – anywhere from 100 grams to 400 grams – and the yardage and prices change based on the weight of each hank.

Those with sensitive skin will be pleasantly surprised.  When I began to wind it into cakes, this color is A46 – repeats of plum, cranberry and rose; rich, soft, subtle and very beautiful.  I noticed there were no breaks, it was smooth and even – I couldn’t wait to try it!


I wanted to try a pattern and had been on in the Little Knits group Activity tab.  Someone had in their queue the Cables and Eyelet Cowl and I absolutely love the pattern.  I am working on a pattern which may use some elements of this pattern, so this became my swatch pattern.  At first the yarn felt coated, like a lotion (this is the natural lanolin on the fiber).  I wasn’t too sure about that but kept going.  Within a few minutes I realized I was gliding along.  

I had cast on with US 5 (3.75mm) needles and setup 4 pattern repeat rows with a 3-stitch garter stitch edge. This is not a tight gauge (5.5 – 6 sts/inch).  After blocking and drying, the cables popped as the swatch flattened out, and the stitches were defined and even.  Even though I knitted a 10” x 7” swatch, I still didn’t see any color change. . .this may give you an idea for how long the repeats are.  And you could go down a needle size or two for a denser fabric.  

I wanted to see what another color looked like as well as create a stockinette stitch swatch. So I pulled out the Evilla in A97 – Basil/Sage. . . well, green. 

Evilla 8/2 Wool A97


Again the yarn feels soothing to the skin. The stitch definition is great if you are using texture stitches in your pattern.  But for straight stockinette stitch, it is a nice smooth finish.  The gauge is the same as the patterned swatch above. If you want to create a timeless garment in a yarn that will show off your pattern and last, Evilla should be on your list.



Please feel free to let Fulay or me know if this review is helpful to you or if there are other yarns you are interested in seeing a review posted.

If you have been lurking, chatting and/or posting on the Little Knits Group on Ravelry, we have probably crossed paths.  I am gwynneknit, please stop by and say “hi!”   



And who is Deb?

Deb is our store manager.  She has been with us for a while and she is a very valuable addition to the LK family.  She is painfully shy until she gets to know someone.  But when it gets down to making sure things get done that shyness turns into a fierce determination full of snarky sense of humor.

If you have ever been to our store you would have met her, she is the red-headed amazon who cranks up the AC such that all the hair on my arms stand at a 90 degree angle.  Yes, Deb likes it cold and enjoys the semi-darkness that surrounds us in Seattle most of the year.  We have come to the rather obvious conclusion that Deb is a vampire!  We are thankful that Deb prefers coffee to blood any day, most us are anemic as it is.  If you want to see Deb smile, watch her exactly 17 minutes after consumption of coffee, that is when you will see the first hint of smile in her face. 

If you do not believe me, here is Deb before coffee No Coffee Deb and here is Deb

after coffee.  Deb loves coffee!

Deb is a somewhat obsessed lace knitter and a designer.  She is one of the few knitters I personally know who prefers straight needles to circulars and she is completely self-taught.  Don’t leave any rich greens or deep amber hues around her as you will see it added to her stash immediately.  I have to mention that Deb makes lovely knitting-jewelry some of which is in my possession.  You can see Deb’s patterns and knitting-jewelry on Etsy. Pretty Things

Deb is also a musician with a degree from the University of Idaho.  Before I met Deb I knew very little of about the bassoon.  She plays it and gives lessons to those who would like to play it and/or play it well.  Deb’s bassoon has a name, Victor.  I think she named it after one of her Russian x-boyfriends.  Deb also likes nurturing bonsai trees.  But Deb is most nurturing and loving about her beloved dog and cat, who are very good friends.

Muggins is probably the shyest dog I have ever met thanks to a bad rabies shot he was given.  This also makes him endearing and cute all at the same time especially after he warms up and stops being so shy.  In a perfect irony Muggins is great friends with the super-bad-boy Rufus who thinks Muggins is his furry toy that he can slap around when he feels like it. Deb's babiesNeedless to say Deb is super maternal and protective of her babies and spoils them rotten.  Deb bakes great doggie cookies and have shared them with my furry baby Rontoo and I can tell you that they were well received.

So, next time you see Deb’s signature in one of your boxes you will know the person who wrote the note.  And, if you come into the store make sure to guard your neck well and bring a cup of java as a distraction and you will have her in the palm of your hand.

Pretty Lace Things

I have known Kay for a little over a year and only from afar, we have never met in person, but what I know of her makes me like and respect her.  She is a person of integrity and a creative artist with a talent for finding the beauty in the simplest form and then applying it to her art, knitting and more specifically knitting lace.

A while back Kay sent a few of her creations to me and I have just gotten around to photographing them and wanted to share them with you.  The first design is a stole with a simple underlying pattern that is intended to emphasize the attributes of the yarn that is being used, Jojoland Melody (Kay loves Jojoland yarns).  I am not quite sure how many skeins were used, I think 4, but the stole, Simply Leaves Shawl, is very long. Rachel wears Simply Leaves Shawl  A quick thanks to beautiful Rachel for modeling Kay’s designs for us. 

We tried to get a better photo where we could show the transition of Melody colors and how they worked with the pattern and I think we got a good one with this shot: Simply Leaves Shawl in Nature












The second design is a hexagon shaped shawl made with Schaefer Trenna, a yarn exclusive to Little Knits – wait till you see the brand new colors we have received.  This beautiful shawl is called Autum’s Glory and uses one hank of Trenna.  Pretty Lace Things

This shawl is big enough to wrap around you easily yet it is light and non-confining and here is the proof:  Wrapped in Lace

Before I forget I should mention that Kay is the author of I Can’t Believe I am Lace Knitting, a great book for the beginner lace knitter.

I have had a slice of a great pie and I am ready for bed.  Sarah you forgot to take some home now I am stuck with it!  Such inconvenience. 🙂 

I hope you are well and enjoying your evening.