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Divinely Happy!

I had wanted to write about Divine Lace, a luxurious yarn spun in Italy with a 70% Mulberry Silk and 30% Cashmere content, for the last two weeks.  Little Knits Divine Lace       But, after much contemplation, we decided to take our first vacation in 7 years.  Have you ever taken a vacation with two kids under the age of 8?  Have you ever been on a plane for more than 7 hours with an extra 2 hour stop on tarmac?  Then you know what I am talking about when I say I am ready for a vacation, again. 

We flew over to the east coast to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving and while it was great it was not a real vacation.  When we got back I found that I had fallen behind by about 4 weeks.  I am almost caught up and decided it was time to post about Divine Lace

Divine is spun in Italy with the highest quality silk and cashmere and it is a dream to work with.  Little Knits Divine Lace   It feels wonderful next to skin, drapes beautifully and has a soft silky sheen.

In our search to find someone to help us dye this yarn we came across Grey Drizzle Fibers, a Seattle indie dyer that specializes in dyeing subtly variegated color-on-color hues.  Little Knits Divine Lace       The owner/dyer is meticulous with her dye work (read: obsessive), and skeins the yarn beautifully so as to make sure all colors are presented on every hank and later, winding them is a breeze.  She is a perfectionist and we like that.  Little Knits Divine Lace     Her colors have depth and show beautifully when worked but sadly the beauty of her color work is hard to show fully with photos.  So expect to be surprised pleasantly when you see Divine in person as it will be much more beautiful than the photos shown on our site.   Little Knits Divine Lace

We are also offering free shipping for Divine Lace; for U.S. minimum purchase for free shipping is 2 hanks and for everywhere else it is 4 hanks (free shipping applies to whole order).  Grey Drizzle is a small dye-shop so this is the first batch of Divine Lace we have and the next batch won’t be here for at least a couple of months. 

On a not-so-related note, I am inserting a picture of our cat Tank watching me while I take photos.  Tank is a pretty boy    I found out he was there when something nipped me on my ankle and scared me in the quiet of the night.  This little boy came to us when he was a few weeks old weighing less than a pound.  Now at about 5 months he is almost 7 pounds!  Many thanks to all of you for your cat food recommendations.  After several unsuccessful tries we have settled on Royal Canin.  Tank seems to love it and it has minimized his lethal gaseous excretions.  Tank you are the cutest cat that lives in our zip code!  🙂

So those are my yarn news.  Personally speaking I am trying to get ready for the holidays and focusing on baking.  I have also increased the frequency of my gym visits as I have become a cookie monster (I am wearing my “fat jeans” as I type this paragraph).  I love sweets and Seattle weather does not help.  I also bought America’s Test Kitchen Holiday Cookies magazine and tonight I am going to try to bake at least one batch and continue to bake until I go through at least half of the recipes.   Cookies for the holidays    Just in case you are interested I will be posting the recipes that I bake right here.  Watch for a huge baking disaster as I have not been very domestic lately.

I love red

And my furry baby Rontoo.  It is the latest we have been up for a while and as you can see he is rather tired.  Rontoo Sleeps  So he told me to make this quick so that he can finally go to his bed upstairs and snooze.  Sorry his photo is not one of my best, I was hurrying to get him before he rolled over but you get the idea, right?

Today I was busy opening boxes and right about the second one I hit red! Blue Blood Red The red I speak of is called Blue Blood Red and came in the Lamb’s Pride Bulky format.  I was weak so I took enough for a hat.  This is going to make a very warm hat, which will be perfect for windy days and Puget-cold-rain. 

I kept opening boxes and hit the Noro jackpot.  A whole bunch of Silk Garden Lite closeouts with a great color range.  Usually we get one or two colors that are similar this time it was not so.  Here is the beautiful deep colors of #2014 Silk Garden Lite 


and then the more playful colors of #2046 More Silk Garden Lite 


and the fall like #2047.  Silk Garden Lite for Fall  There is more and you can see it all under Noro Silk Garden Lite.

That is all for now.  Tomorrow it is Friday and I have to have some energy for my 4 year old who requires mom’s continuous attention and lots of play time.


Aaack!  I somehow deleted my post and have to start all over again.  It definitely is a Monday.

My day started with bills.  I managed to take care of most while I failed with Comcast.  Failed rather miserably after multiple tries online and on the phone.  And when I asked one of their reps just to charge my card I was told that would be an extra $4 service fee, which is when I said thank you but no and hung up. 

I am of the opinion that no one should pay $4 extra just to pay a bill, a convenience fee!  I spent a total of 42 minutes online and on the phone while trying to make a payment (yes, I clocked it), it would have been in their best interest just to charge me, wouldn’t you agree?  I think we should call the $4 fee the “inconvenience fee” or “we don’t really want you to pay your bill fee.” 

Needles to say, my Comcast bill was not paid but I was able to discontinue Comcast phone service for my home during a later phone call as I was told that our phone signal was weak and that is why the system was refusing my payment.  A definite no brainer: Comcast provides me with phone service, phone service does not work, Comcast charges me for the phone service that does not work, I discontinue the said phone service.  🙂

Once this was all said and done I headed off to the shop and actually got quite a bit done.  I also opened boxes of beautiful Fleece Artist yarn that will soon be on a closeout sale.  A lovely superwash merino hand-dyed by Fleece Artist color magicians.  I spent some of my late afternoon taking photos of this lovely yarn.

Once back at home I managed to put red lentil soup on.  I do this a little from the hip but I have always done so and it has worked out.  For this soup one would need a whole chicken, 3-4 celery stalks, 3 medium size carrots, two medium size sweet onions (I used Walla Walla), basil leaves, 4-5 cups of red lentils, and salt and pepper to taste.  I took the lovely chicken-insides out and put them inside a small brown bag (to be thrown away later), cleaned the chicken and put it inside a big pot with roughly chopped up veggies and all the spices.  I also dumped all the lentils into the same pot after rinsing them off and put in water to cover the chicken.  Off to boil they went.  I then cleaned my work area and threw away the chicken-inside-thingies.

I then read my daily gossips at – please do not judge me, I cannot help myself.  Before that I was composing a sonata.  A girl needs a bit of a break you know.  This is when I read about Patrick Swayze…Patrick where ever you are know that I think of you and even now my heart goes pitter patter.  You are beautiful.

About then I decided to go look at my soup to see how it was going.  The lentils were well on their way but the chicken still had some time to go.  So I decided to take Rontoo for a walk-run.  In his excitement Rontoo jumped, ran, skid and bonked his nose really hard on the door nob and started bleeding.  I really did not know what to do so I grabbed a towel and held his nose tight and as long as he would let me to do so.  Try doing this to a 100+ pound dog who has hurt his nose, not easy.

Eventually I released his nose, he licked, sneezed, looked hurt and sad all at the same time and we were ready to go.  But I could not find my phone!  I could not take off without my phone, it is my stopwatch, my ipod, and my camera!  I looked and Mr. Little helped.  Eventually we decided to call me.  I could hear my phone ring but could not find it.  We called and called and eventually the ring tone led us to the garbage can, where my phone rested in the brown bag with the chicken-inside-thingies.  I have no idea when and why I put it in there but I must have cuz it was there.  So I cleaned, disinfected and cleaned till I no longer could and off to our walk went Rontoo and I.

We went down to the beach and sat a little to think about life, listen to the sounds of the water and watch the private wedding ceremony that was being held right by the ferry dock. Seattle on a Beautiful Monday Rontoo watched the water and hung out right by

me and then up the hill we went. Rontoo at the Beach

When we got home the chicken was done and Mr. Little had pulled it out to cool.  I put the contents of the soup, the stock, veggies and the lentil through a fine sieve (makes it easier on the tummy and makes the soup creamy), by mushing it all up as much as I can.  Mr. Little pulled all the meat off the chicken in small pieces and got it ready.  He also cut a lime up for my soup.

We then served the soup with some chicken.  My son and I had ours with lime juice as we always do.  Mr. Little likes to take a tiny bit of butter heat it up with some paprika really hot and drizzle it over his soup.  It was yummy and it sure filled me up.  We have enough for tomorrow and that can only mean one thing, Tuesday is a left overs day, yey!

I just finished putting up new colors of Malabrigo Worsted Ibiza! and Jimmy is on; I think it is time to go to bed.

Wishing you all a great week.  See you here tomorrow.