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One more project?

When I opened the Interweave Knits’ fall issue I was looking for an ad and going through the pages with quick flips, without paying too much attention. 

And then I saw her, Tangled Yoke Cardigan - IK Fall 2007  Tangled Yoke, how shall I praise thee, let me count the ways (my apologies to Ms. Browning)…I must, I will and I shall.  While I struggle to redesign my MS3 for a symmetrical look (with too many other projects on needles to count here and now), the clean grace and simplicity of this pattern has stolen my heart and has me searching for the perfect yarn.

Any body else knitting the Tangled Yoke?  I googled and found a KAL but not much going on there so I think I shall swatch on my own and see how it goes.  Please do let me know if you are knitting it too.  I am planning and hoping to knit mine with the least amount of wool and still achieve the same look.

Behold my needles, here I come!

Cheers to you all and a good night.

Sue Fulay

Mystery Stole 3 in Goby – Version I

I am sure some of you know of the Mystery Stole 3 knit-along (MS3), with 6000+ knitters joining in the conversation.

I am knitting several versions of the MS3, to see what it would look like with different yarns.  I love knitting lace (that is putting it mildly – I love the magic of lace, what one can do with lace stitches always amazes me).  I also like to experiment with different weights of yarn while knitting lace, which is how this post came about.

OnLine Goby in Subtle Rose - Little Knits When deciding on which yarns to try for MS3 I did not limit myself to lace and fingering weight yarns and picked from yarns that I liked including Goby, a 35% viscose and 65% cotton yarn by OnLine yarns.  OnLine Goby in Ruby Red - Little Knits On skein this is a beautiful yarn, with its silky sheen and softness and viscose peaking in and out of the cotton fiber.  It looks like a little jewel.

Mystery Stole 3 Detail I cast on and knitted my MS3 with US size 7 needles (4.5mm).  I started with bamboo needles and really did not like the experience.  The viscose content of Goby did not do well with my old bamboo needles either.  So I switched to Addi Turbos, and this worked better but was not really what I wanted either.  I finally tried my Addi Lace needles and found the right needle for Goby, the pointed ends of these needles worked very well.

MS3 knitted with OnLine Goby I stopped this version of MS3 when my first ball of Goby ran out of yarn, which was not sufficient to finish clue #1 (which has 100 rows), but came close to it. 


MS3 knitted with Goby When I compare this MS3 to the other versions I find that it is larger and more substantial and would make a lovely summer/fall stole.  It has great drape and the yarn shows its sheen very well.  That being said, I will not complete my Goby MS3.  I am going to make a cardigan with Goby instead. 🙂

One more version coming up later this week, as soon as I finish one more clue.

Hope you are all well and knitting with a smile.