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Tosh Chunky Limited Edition

Newly posted in the online shop from Madelinetosh is Tosh Chunky Limited Edition. This hand dyed yarn has the same lustre as the Tosh Chunky  currently in production, but with a slightly thicker gauge, and a tighter and bouncier twist (14-16 st per 4 inches/10 cm).

Personally, I’m a grey and blue lover (everything I knit matches the Seattle weather!), so the Baltic 

Tosh Chunky Limited Edition - Baltic

and Composition Book Grey

Tosh Chunky Limited Edition - Composition Book Grey

are calling my name, though I did see a listing for the ever popular Tart!

Tosh Chunky Limited Edition - Tart

I’ve been on a hat kick lately, knitting mini Thorpe hats for my toddler and all his little friends, but with the gauge given, this yarn would be perfect for an adult sized Thorpe. What a lovely holiday gift that would make!

If you’re not in hat knitting mode, the Confection Baby Shrug is also in my queue, and matches the gauge! . For the crocheters, it would make super squishy and warm Lizzie slippers!  There’s also the ever popular Cherry Garcia Cowl, which would look beautiful in one of the solid colorways.

Whatever pattern you chose, I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with this yarn. Anything that has this much squish and bounce is super enjoyable to knit with.

Divinely Happy!

I had wanted to write about Divine Lace, a luxurious yarn spun in Italy with a 70% Mulberry Silk and 30% Cashmere content, for the last two weeks.  Little Knits Divine Lace       But, after much contemplation, we decided to take our first vacation in 7 years.  Have you ever taken a vacation with two kids under the age of 8?  Have you ever been on a plane for more than 7 hours with an extra 2 hour stop on tarmac?  Then you know what I am talking about when I say I am ready for a vacation, again. 

We flew over to the east coast to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving and while it was great it was not a real vacation.  When we got back I found that I had fallen behind by about 4 weeks.  I am almost caught up and decided it was time to post about Divine Lace

Divine is spun in Italy with the highest quality silk and cashmere and it is a dream to work with.  Little Knits Divine Lace   It feels wonderful next to skin, drapes beautifully and has a soft silky sheen.

In our search to find someone to help us dye this yarn we came across Grey Drizzle Fibers, a Seattle indie dyer that specializes in dyeing subtly variegated color-on-color hues.  Little Knits Divine Lace       The owner/dyer is meticulous with her dye work (read: obsessive), and skeins the yarn beautifully so as to make sure all colors are presented on every hank and later, winding them is a breeze.  She is a perfectionist and we like that.  Little Knits Divine Lace     Her colors have depth and show beautifully when worked but sadly the beauty of her color work is hard to show fully with photos.  So expect to be surprised pleasantly when you see Divine in person as it will be much more beautiful than the photos shown on our site.   Little Knits Divine Lace

We are also offering free shipping for Divine Lace; for U.S. minimum purchase for free shipping is 2 hanks and for everywhere else it is 4 hanks (free shipping applies to whole order).  Grey Drizzle is a small dye-shop so this is the first batch of Divine Lace we have and the next batch won’t be here for at least a couple of months. 

On a not-so-related note, I am inserting a picture of our cat Tank watching me while I take photos.  Tank is a pretty boy    I found out he was there when something nipped me on my ankle and scared me in the quiet of the night.  This little boy came to us when he was a few weeks old weighing less than a pound.  Now at about 5 months he is almost 7 pounds!  Many thanks to all of you for your cat food recommendations.  After several unsuccessful tries we have settled on Royal Canin.  Tank seems to love it and it has minimized his lethal gaseous excretions.  Tank you are the cutest cat that lives in our zip code!  🙂

So those are my yarn news.  Personally speaking I am trying to get ready for the holidays and focusing on baking.  I have also increased the frequency of my gym visits as I have become a cookie monster (I am wearing my “fat jeans” as I type this paragraph).  I love sweets and Seattle weather does not help.  I also bought America’s Test Kitchen Holiday Cookies magazine and tonight I am going to try to bake at least one batch and continue to bake until I go through at least half of the recipes.   Cookies for the holidays    Just in case you are interested I will be posting the recipes that I bake right here.  Watch for a huge baking disaster as I have not been very domestic lately.

A Unique & Beautiful New Yarn from Habu

As a yarn buyer I have to be careful not to allow my likes and dislikes get in the way of our process of yarn selection so that we can have a wide range of fiber and yarns.  This becomes difficult when I am shown ribbon like yarns or yarns with a paper/linen like texture.  And that was my first reaction to Habu’s Root Sizing Silk, a 100% silk made of multiple strands of silk put together flat/parallel with a vegetable root coating to protect the fiber while being worked.  My reaction quickly disappeared when Takako (owner of Habu), showed me a scarf knitted with this yarn, which after its first wash turned into a beautiful silk scarf – exactly like you would expect from silk fiber – with a soft and smooth feel next to skin and a lovely drape.

Habu Root Sizing Silk in Deep Gold

The coating is Konnyaku, a vegetable root, which holds the fibers together and protects the silk fiber giving it a ribbon like look.  When we worked with Root Sizing Silk it felt something like working with a paper-linen-ribbon yarn that is somewhat stiff and may be a little crunchy-like. But the real surprise for this yarn comes after it has been – gently – washed in warm water with mild soap. This is when the sizing washes out and the yarn becomes soft, feels great next to skin, and drapes beautifully.

Habu Root Sizing Silk in Mossy Bronze       Habu Root Sizing Silk in Smokey Plum-Purple       Habu Root Sizing Silk Orchid

Root Sizing Silk has a beautiful sheen, comes in rich colors with depth, and once washed it morphs into something different and even more so unique and lovely.  This silk also works perfectly as a warp yarn.  We wanted to share Root Sizing Silk with you as part of a series of new yarns we will be listing from Habu within the next week.

Hope you are all well and working with your yarn with a smile.

Blog Giveaway – Madeline Tosh Sport

It has been a busy few weeks, which meant that I had to take a short blog break.  I had wanted to blog about the beautiful Fleece Artist Saldanha, a 100% fine merino lace weight yarn with generous yardage and hand-dyed color lines but it was not to be so.  So I thought I would mention it now. 🙂

Fleece Artist Saldanha at Little Knits       Fleece Artist Saldanha at Little Knits      Fleece Artist Saldanha at Little Knits

On to the blog give away.   Many thanks to Madeline Tosh for sponsoring this blog give away!  They gave us two hanks of their new prototype yarn, Tosh Sport.  I am holding a hank right now and I can tell you that Tosh Sport is soft, smooth and lofty.  It would make beautiful accessories, garments and yes, socks.  Tosh Sport is a 100% superwash merino that comes with 280 yards of yarn on each hank.  The hanks seem to be around 70+ grams each.  This is a guess as the labels are not marked and I don’t have a scale here.  The color line is Well Water.

Madeline Tosh Sport

If you would like to have these two hanks please tell us what you would like to see – more of – from Madeline Tosh.  A new yarn, a new color, new fiber combinations, new yarn weights, anything you heart may desire.  What would you like to see under the Madeline Tosh label?  Please post a comment with your suggestion(s) and we will add your name to the pool from which we will select a name randomly.  If your name is selected the yarn is yours.  You have until Sunday August 1st, midnight to post a comment.  Hope to see you here!