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I love Evilla!

For the last few days I have been photographing and listing Evilla Artyarn colors.   And just when I think I am done new colors come in.  So I decided to post about it tonight without further delay.

If you have ever worked with Kauni you know the super gradual and long color exchanges of their yarn.  Evilla Artyarn has the same gradual and long color exchanges, has the same yarn base (the gauge is exactly the same), only with a much wider color range.  It seems that I will never get done photographing and posting new colors. Evilla in Rich Fall Color Lines

In addition, Evilla seems to be rich in lanolin and has a ever so slightly softer hand.  When we opened our first box and grabbed our respective hanks the first thing we did was to smell the yarn and we loved the lanolin aroma.  The fiber seems almost directly from the sheep and you will feel the lanolin on your hands as you work with the yarn.

The colors…the colors of Evilla Ruby Shoes & Deep Blue Redsare simply stunning and makes me love this yarn.

Evilla Artyarn can easily be used as a substitute for Kauni.  If you are on Ravelry do a yarn search for Kauni and look at the projects.  Now multiply the potential for color lines by ten and you have Evilla.   Subtly Latte & Chocolate  Another cool thing about Evilla is that it comes in various weights.  We have not yet received the DK or Worsted weights in Evilla Artyarn but we hope to have those in the near future, which I thought would be ideal for heavier projects and for felting.

I have so many photos that I would like to share with you but I think I will stop with just one more.  Please excuse my enthusiasm, Evilla colors have me spell bound.  Magic!

Sending you my best from a late night in Seattle. 

I love red

And my furry baby Rontoo.  It is the latest we have been up for a while and as you can see he is rather tired.  Rontoo Sleeps  So he told me to make this quick so that he can finally go to his bed upstairs and snooze.  Sorry his photo is not one of my best, I was hurrying to get him before he rolled over but you get the idea, right?

Today I was busy opening boxes and right about the second one I hit red! Blue Blood Red The red I speak of is called Blue Blood Red and came in the Lamb’s Pride Bulky format.  I was weak so I took enough for a hat.  This is going to make a very warm hat, which will be perfect for windy days and Puget-cold-rain. 

I kept opening boxes and hit the Noro jackpot.  A whole bunch of Silk Garden Lite closeouts with a great color range.  Usually we get one or two colors that are similar this time it was not so.  Here is the beautiful deep colors of #2014 Silk Garden Lite 


and then the more playful colors of #2046 More Silk Garden Lite 


and the fall like #2047.  Silk Garden Lite for Fall  There is more and you can see it all under Noro Silk Garden Lite.

That is all for now.  Tomorrow it is Friday and I have to have some energy for my 4 year old who requires mom’s continuous attention and lots of play time.

Pretty soft things & A Request for Help

I have been taking photos of Classic Elite’s Alpaca Sox , which means that I have to handle all the hanks, see the new colors and appreciate the feel.  This is usually when I get in trouble with stash related issues.  This time no such thing.  I did pick a hank and put it away into a basket intended as a house warming gift.  Hah, how is that for not feeling guilty!

And, of course, there are some new colors.  Here is my favorite and it happens to be a solid color.  We call it Velvet Plum and it is lovely.  Velvet like Plum I would rather wear this color near my face so I would most likely opt out of socks and go for a hat or a scarf but that is just me.  Of the new multi-colors I think the Moss-Malachite Deep Mossy Greens & Lapis Blues and Lapis is lovely.  And then there is the rather unique Fall/Winter color line that we have named “Please name this color.”  What is my name?  That concludes the yarn related portion of this post and I go on to the next topic where I ask for your help.  🙂

I need to come up with Halloween themed snacks that are healthy and fun for kids.  Minimum baking and cooking would be great.  A smoking bowl full of eyeballs would be lovely but how can I achieve that with healthy food that is actually edible?  Anything gruesome and/or funny and edible would be great.  And one final note, no candy allowed.

Hope you are all well and knitting and crocheting with a smile.  And, hope to see you here tomorrow. 

Kauni – A Beautiful Color Song

We received our first shipment of Kauni (after a long break), and we could not wait to open our boxes.  And once we did out came beautiful new colors.  My new favorite, EMC, has deep reds in combination with black. Dreamy color made just for me!  Isn’t she pretty?  And for some reason it make me think of one of my favorite shows, True Blood.  Then there is the EI with its beautiful lavender, wisteria, deep purple and beige combination. EI in its lavender beauty.  And, there is the russet, deep rich tangerine, mustard hued EX with occasional hints of deep amethyst  Just in time for Autumn for those of you who prefer autumn tones. 

There is more but I am beat.  I took advantage of the beautiful early fall weather and went for a somewhat hard run.  Must go to bed.  I hope you like the new Kauni colors.

Hope to see you here again tomorrow. 

Indie III is Here!

Just a quick post to let you know of this lovely new yarn.  Indie III is a 70% Merino Wool and 30% Seacell fingering weight yarn with a beautiful drape, stitch definition, and a subtle silky sheen.  Indie III - Pretty and Lots of it!


Indie III comes in GIANT 400 gram hanks that has plenty of yardage for a shawl, stole, a cardigan (if you shall so desire), and/or 4 pairs of socks.

This lovely yarn also makes a great base for dying.





We had a beautiful sunset here in Seattle.  Everyone keeps telling me that fall is here but today sure did not feel like it.  Good night all.  Hope to see you here tomorrow.