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Meet Tank, source of much joy and noxious odors

About a month ago we adopted a kitten.  Tank    When we adopted him he was only 3 weeks old and weighed about 12 ounces.  They had named him Tank and we thought name fit him perfectly because Tank has no fear.  Despite his size Tank can take down our 11 month old dog – who outweighs him by 20 pounds – and can climb anything.  I love him, boys love him and even my husband with allergies likes him.

Here is where things get hairy: Tank came to our house and immediately proceeded to go #2 on our off-white carpet.  We noticed that he had the most severe case of the kitty-trots.  The smell cannot be described by written word, you guys just have to experience it personally.  An emergency trip to the vet, tests and specially prepared meds for a small kitten,  prescription kitty food and a week later he still had the trots.  He started using his litter box but with emergency visits to our carpet.

So off we went to the vet again; an overnight stay, lab tests with clean results and a new perscription kitty food later back home we came.  The results are so so at best.  Mr. Tank should be named Mr. Skunk.   My sincere apologies for the way this post is going but I must tell you his gaseous excretions are constant and deadly.  Our carpet is a lost cause, he still has the trots and I am at a loss as to what to do and what to feed him.

I refuse to take Tank back to the shelter as we love him very much and Louis – our dog – has bonded with him as though Tank is one of his litter-mates.  But my sanity and my nose are suffering.  When we have people over you can hear us often say “that was not me!”   I smile while I type this but I assure you this is no joke.  If you are a cat owner and you happen to read this post please share your kitty-wisdom with me.   Many thanks for any suggestions you may have.  One final note on Tank, he is putting on weight and in general seems very healthy.  I leave you with a video of  Tank & Louis at play:

Click here to watch Tank & Louis at play

On a yarn related matter, watch out for a blog give-away next Monday.

Ann Weaver at Little Knits!

You might know her from Knitty, with her Tempest  Ann Weaver's Tempest or the beautiful Neiman  Ann Weaver's Neiman or may be from her new site or her blog…regardless, our news: Ann Weaver will be Little Knits!  We are excited to let you know that Ann will be teaching two classes, including two sessions on Thursday, October 7th and two on Saturday, October 9th. 

Before I go into the details for the workshops I wanted to tell you that I have not met Ann in person but I have known her from afar for a few years.  She is one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with and sweet as she can be.  She also has an excitement and “youth” about her attitude toward knitting and life in general that makes her unique and fun, which in turn makes me want to knit her patterns and actually wear them.  If you scroll through her patterns and see her choices of yarn, color and structure I think you too may agree.  I hope you can make the time to come and meet Ann in person.

Here are the details for Ann’s workshops:

Stranded Knitting and Braided Trim: Go Dutch! mittens (Class Length 2 – 2.5 hours –  Class Cost $30) 

GoDutch by Ann Weaver

Dates: Thursday, October 7th from 4:00 to 6:00-6:30 PM and Saturday October 9th from 4:30 to 6:30-7 PM
Skills: Knitting in the round, stranded knitting, basic increases and decreases

Pattern description:  While watching the 2010 Winter Olympics, I was captivated by the colors and pattern of the Dutch speed skaters’ uniforms.  These mittens are my tribute to these intense, speedy athletes in their stunning black and orange suits.

Requirements (what to bring or purchase before class):

Set of 4 US 4 (3.5mm) double-pointed needles.  Alternatively you can bring two circular needles in US size 4.  Ann will be teaching on DPNs.
3 stitch markers
Stitch holder for unworked stitches (optional)

Yarn: Any worsted weigh yarn would work.

88 yds/40 grams in Main Color (black in the sample)
66 yds/30 grams in color A (white in the sample)
110 yds/50 grams in color B (orange in sample)

In this workshop we will learn to work right and left-leaning braid trims, which is a fabulous ornamentation for the edges of hats, mittens, gloves… even sweaters!   We will also work a simple stranded pattern from a chart, which incorporates three colors at a time for a few rows.  You will leave class with the skills and confidence to work braids and stranded patterns even while working thumb increases.

The Albers Square: Log cabin knitting  (Class Lenght 2 hours –  Class Cost $25)

A Pattern from Ann Weaver's new book

Thursday, October 7th from 1:00 to 3 PM or Saturday October 9th from 9 to 11 AM

Skills: Garter stitch, picking up and knitting from a bound-off edge

Pattern description: Lately I have been obsessed with Josef Albers’ Portrait of a Square paintings Albers’ spirit of curiosity and experimentation is infectious.  You can use any fingering weight yarn to create these squares.

This class will cover the techniques used in the Albers Cowl and Albers Shawl patterns.  Ann will go through the requirements for the Albers Cowl.  We will focus on log-cabin knitting with a few twists and talk about selecting colors (in light of Josef Albers’ color theory).  Attendees will learn to pick up stitches perfectly along all edges of a square.  Ann will share hints about proportions in squares and how to keep your work perfectly square.  Ann will also go through the sewn bind-off method in this class as this is the method used to bind-off Albers Shawl and in quite a few of her other projects.

Requirements (what to bring or purchase before class):

US 2 (2.75mm) straight or circular needles.  If using straight needles make sure they are 12″ long.

For Square 1:
16 grams of fingering weight yarn in color A, 16 grams in color B, 18 grams in color C and 20 grams in color D.  Great project to use your left over fingering weight yarns.

Ann will also make signed copies of her new book Craft Work Knitavailable (with each book purchase you will also receive a free eBook).  Finally, all attendees will get 10% off of in store purchases at Little Knits.

You can reserve a space by calling us at 206.935.4072 or by emaling us at  We are keeping our class sizes small so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to attend one of Ann’s workshops.

Hope to see you all at Little Knits!

Do you know our new coupon code?

If you have not, you have not been to our Ravelry discussion board!  Just a quick stop will let you in on the secret. 🙂

And, while we did announce the winner of the last Live Stitch give away I thought I would mention it here too – it is the 23rd comment by Cathcart that was picked by the random number generator.  Enjoy your Madeline Tosh Kimberly!

Louis says, have a good week everyone!  Louis of Little Knits

It is been a while

I know, it has been a long while.  I was simply not able to do it all between Ravelry, Twitter and Facebook.  What to do first and how much and when.  There has been offers of help and to those who offered many thanks!  Let me try my hand at this one more time and hopefully this time I will be more consistent.  And, if I know that you are reading I promise I will write often.

I will start with a bit of quick news: did you know that we have started Ravelry Coupon Mondays?  Just join Little Knits’ group at Ravelry and watch for coupon announcements.  Every Monday it will be something new.  When you join us on Ravelry please share your projects with us and let me know what you would like to see at Little Knits next.

For tomorrow we have a new yarn that will be posted on the site that was requested by our Ravelry members, Berrroco’s Blackstone Tweed.  And even better the colors listed will be on sale at 45-50% off.  This is a surprisingly soft tweed by Berroco with a wool, superkid mohair and angora fiber blend.   Here are the two colors we have in stock that will be on sale:

Berroco Blackstone Tweed Berroco Blackstone Tweed

And a personal find on etsy, Grey Drizzle Fibers.  This is a fairly new dyer with a great feel for subtle color combinations and color-on-color variation.  I do know the dyer but we have no financial affiliation, meaning there is no profit motive for this post and I will not benefit from it.  Simply put I love the colors created by this small indie dyer.  I got two hanks of her 4-ply DK weight merino just to play in colors that are not really characteristic of my favorites including a beautiful green called Leaf and in a warm honey amber called Doubloon.   The merino is soft and smooth with a tight-but-not-too-tight ply but what makes this yarn so special is the dyers’ colors with their subtle color-on-color variations and rich hue saturation.

Merino Storm by Grey Drizzle Fibers

I also asked Ms. Grey Drizzle to do a special project for me and she was kind enough to agree.  We have been testing a super fine single ply merino from Italy at Little Knits.  So I asked her to dye the lace weight of this lovely merino in a deep deep blue-red for me and she did!  I call this red Drop-dead Red and it is goooorgeous!  I have about 2700 yards of this super soft merino in Drop-dead Red and I cannot decide on a project…I do need help so your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Drop-dead Red!

That is it for this post.  I am off to bed so that I can get up early tomorrow and start photographing some new yarn. 🙂

We are closed this Saturday (November 21st)

Just a quick blog entry to let you know that our retail location will be closed on Saturday the 21st in preparation of a large end-of-year inventory sale.

We will reopen on Sunday, the 22nd at 11 AM for the first day of our sale.  New and old inventory from lines such as Debbie Bliss, Mondial, Katia, Cherry Three, Louisa Harding and Rowan will be reduced from 50-75% including books and magazines.

We hope to see you at Little Knits in West Seattle this Sunday and during the rest of the year when you can make it over.

I cannot leave you without a little eye candy.  We have new and beautiful color lines in for Handmaiden’s Sea Silk.  Here is Boreal and The Ozarks in all their beauty: