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A Wild Wednesday

Today was one of those days where I kept trying to get things done, picking up one thing and getting distracted by another, and not getting much done.  While this can be rather frustrating I like it, most of the time.  First because it makes for a fast paced day and I am never bored.  And, second because once things start getting done it is like a great Tetris game, pieces start falling in place all at once and your box is suddenly empty (I love Tetris).

Here is the good – I can tell you that we received over 700 pounds of new yarn that I think you will like.  Here is the bad – we recently lost some storage space and therefore have a bunch of big boxes in our retail space.  So if you come in to our retail store be ready for an impressive array of boxes.

I am off to bed.  My apologies for the lack of photos.  I promise there will be plenty of eye candy in my next post. 

Hope to see you here tomorrow.  I have decided to continue posting to see how long I can keep the streak going. 

I run?

So tomorrow morning I run my first race in a while.  I signed up for the Alki Beach 5K Walk/Run at a moments notice and with no preparation at all.  I am excited and a tiny bit nervous.  Wish you could be there with me.

On another bit of news, more Kauni made it to the store.  We opened the box and…new colors!  The first new color is a combination of cinnabar Kauni in EB earth and chocolate browns,

russet and oatmeal hues.  And the second new color comes Kauni in EE with

pinks of all hues and white. 

We also had another surprise and got a new lace weight Kauni in EQ color line that is a single ply yarn with more yardage per hank.  Kauni Lace in EQ 

I am off to bed early tonight.  Hope to see you here again tomorrow.

Cooking up a HUGE sock sale

We are working on our most populated sock sale ever with new lines and additions such as Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock and many new colors of Schaefer Anne.  I have over 250 frames of photos; wait till you see the lovely color lines.

In the interim I have listed Mondial Ciao (one of the softest sock lines ever), Ciao! Fortissima Mexico Colori (beautiful colors and a great pattern), Fortissima Mexico Colori at Little Knits and many OnLine Supersocke yarn lines including a line with aloe Butterflies! under the All Socks All the Time category. 

Working on it as fast as I can.  Uh oh, I just remembered a few more but I am going to keep those to myself.  There has to be an element of surprise right…just a little bit?

Indie III is Here!

Just a quick post to let you know of this lovely new yarn.  Indie III is a 70% Merino Wool and 30% Seacell fingering weight yarn with a beautiful drape, stitch definition, and a subtle silky sheen.  Indie III - Pretty and Lots of it!


Indie III comes in GIANT 400 gram hanks that has plenty of yardage for a shawl, stole, a cardigan (if you shall so desire), and/or 4 pairs of socks.

This lovely yarn also makes a great base for dying.





We had a beautiful sunset here in Seattle.  Everyone keeps telling me that fall is here but today sure did not feel like it.  Good night all.  Hope to see you here tomorrow.

Inteweave Knits is Back

May I cheat a little tonight?  Just a short blurb and a cup of tea?  Well the cup of tea is right by my keyboard and I am typing up my entry as quickly as I can. 🙂

I collect knitting magazines.  I use them when I can and then they go back into their boxes or shelves.  When I see a gap in my issues I am sad.  This is why I called Interweave, to see if they had some of the issues I was missing.  I scored on a few dates and failed on some but I brought in every back issue they had in print.  I listed a mix of Inteweave magazines, including back issues of Interweave Knits, Knitscene, Spin-Off and the new Weekend Knits. Weekend Knits 2009  I hope you can find something that you need or an issue you have been wanting.

Have a great weekend and see you here again tomorrow.