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Our New Favorite Staple Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash

We found our new favorite staple yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash, now available in 100 colors at 25% off at Little Knits!

220 yards of 100% superwash wool in any shade you could dream of. Soft enough to wear next to the skin and tough enough to withstand machine washing. Note: 220 Superwash is a slightly lighter weight than traditional Cascade 220. If you’re planning to substitute, be sure to check your gauge.

Cascade offers a great selection of free patterns written for 220 Superwash. We’re especially charmed by the kid’s sweaters, but there’s something for everyone! Check out all the patterns here.

Interweave Knits Spring 2014 – Meltwater Pullover

Here’s another pattern we love from the Spring 2014 issue of Interweave Knits (available at 12% off the cover price at Little Knits!)

Kate Gagnon Osborn’s classic designs never disappoint. Her Meltwater Pullover brings a classic Icelandic motif to a sleek, flattering garment for all seasons.

We love playing with color, and Berroco offers a wide pallet sure to satisfy any knitter. We picked out two color pallets we love for this sweater: on the left, Ultra Alpaca Light and on the right, Vintage DK. Both yarns are 20% of at Little Knits!

If you’re new to colorwork, the magazine includes a highly informative article about the technique by Daniela Nii! It’s a great read, even if you’re a seasoned pro.

Frog Tree Alpaca closeouts + Ombré inspiration

Our latest closeouts from Frog Tree Alpaca have us thinking OMBRÉ!

Frog Tree Alpaca Worsted

We have Frog Tree’s Alpaca Worsted at 35% off in an array of gorgeous, heathered, perfectly matched neutrals. They compliment each other so well that it’s hard to imagine using any one singly! This yarn is single-ply with great drape and a nice, soft alpaca halo.

We turned to Ravelry for some ombré design inspiration. From sweaters to blankets to shawls and cowls, this trend is unstoppable.

Ombre Design Inspiration

Clockwise from top left:

This yarn has been discontinued, so this is your last chance to scoop up some super-soft, Fair Trade alpaca at a bargain price.

Beautiful things

I have been knitting.  Yes, I have been knitting and doing so somewhat obsessively.

The lovely people at Malabrigo Yarn was nice enough to send me a hank of their new yarn, Twist, a super soft baby merino that is loosely plied.  I tried to get a closeup of the ply to show you the difference in the thicknesses of the baby merino

that is plied together, which makes the yarn feel more organic/natural.   Twist is a pleasure to work with and makes a rather solid knitted fiber and I know I said it before but it is very soft and feels wonderful next to skin.

I looked for a project for my single skein and found Prismatic Scraf on Ravelry, a free pattern that works

beautifully with this hand-dyed yarn.  I am using my favorite needles (HiyaHiya circulars), in U.S. size 9 for this pattern but I think I could have gone up to size 10 as the yarn makes for a pretty substantial knitted fiber.  I think I will be able to soften the drape of the scarf if I block it with some vigor.  We have ordered all the colors Malabrigo had ready for shipment for the Twist and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

As to the pattern, Prismatic Scarf is a great (free!) pattern for hand-dyed yarns as it shows their beauty by allowing the colors distribute evenly on the knitted fiber.

I know that I will be knitting a few as gifts – it is a quick and easy knit and it is addictive like your favorite snack that you cannot put down.

We also got a new yarn in from Fleece Artist.  Nyoni is a merino, mohair and silk blend yarn that can be used for sock and lace projects and has a subtle sheen.  Nyoni is very similar to Fleece Artist’s Somoko with a slight difference in gauge and comes in 125 gram hanks at a great price point.  One hank is sufficient for a pair of socks for most sizes, two hanks is sufficient for a mid-sized shawl, and three hanks would make a large shawl or stole.  Another great project idea for this yarn is Tempest by Weaver Designs, which you can find on Knitty as a free pattern.  And here are a few of my favorite colors:

Pewter   Wine 


I am looking for a shawl pattern for Nyoni as I have put away a few skeins for self.  This shawl will be knitted for myself.  I say I am allowed to give myself a Christmas gift and so should you! 🙂

Hope you are all well and knitting and crocheting with a smile.

Beautiful Things

I have been looking for a sock-yarn-pairs for a long time.  You know, where a hand-dyer takes a sock yarn and dyes it in two pieces.  The main part of the yarn is dyed in a variegated color composition and the smaller portion is dyed in a near-solid color line that is coordinated with the main portion.  The smaller piece is then used for the heel/toe portion of the sock. 

Then this August I literally ran into Paca-Peds and it was love at first sight. Paca-Peds in Fireside Color Lines  Paca-Peds is a yarn by the Alpaca Yarn Company and has 20% superfine alpaca, 65% superwash wool and 15% nylon fiber content and comes in big 125 gram hanks with 450 yards each, more than enough for a pair of socks.

The 125 gram hanks of Paca-Peds are split into two hanks.  First the main 100 gram section is hand-dyed in beautiful multi colors with a matching 25 gram hank that is dyed in near solid hues that is color coordinated with the bigger hank.  That is the yarn related portion of this post but I have other beautiful things to share with you.  Paca-Peds in Teal for Two

Today we had three little visitors at our shop, the furry kind and they were so cute I could not resist but invite them just a wee bit inside so that I can take their photos.  The two boys are called Atlas and Apollo and…ohnos, I cannot remember the little girl’s name.  All three are super cute and they belong to Shibaguyz and I may just have to steal one of their babies one day.  The parents of these three super cute Shibas also knit, crochet and grown a mean garden.  Three Shibas

We had other visitors today but none were willing to be photographed so I made do with the Shibas though everyone was nice and super cute. 🙂  I hope to see you all at Little Knits sometime soon.  Now only if I can find a reliable contractor who can do our outside sign.  Any suggestions from Seattle folks would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great Sunday and hope to see you here tomorrow.  One more photo of Paca-Peds before I say goodnight, because Grapevine color line is just too beautiful not to be shown.  Grapewine