Big Kureyon for Lizard Ridge!

Big Kureyon Lizard Ridge Square For those of you who don’t know what Lizard Ridge is please go to Knitty.

We (self, Ana and Rebecca), decided to give this lovely throw pattern that calls for regular Kureyon a try with Big Kureyon (approx. 1/4 of a stitch per inch gauge difference). Ana did majority of the knitting and here is a photo of a square that she knitted with color #7 and color #12 alternating – we think it turned out nice, don’t you? She cast on exactly as recommended and after blocking ended up with a 13” by 13” square (note, Ana blocks with a firm hand and stretches pretty good – I smile). The knitted squares ended up becoming surprisingly soft after blocking and we got approximately 2 1/4 square out of each hank of Big Kureyon.

Well, it is now being sewn together and Rebecca is going to do the crocheted edging. It is our conclusion that Big Kureyon knits up just as well as regular Kureyon and makes for a less pricey Lizard Ridge given its current price (reduced from $16 a skein to $8.80 a skein at our website here Little Knits.

Once it is all done we are going to auction our Big K Lizard Ridge on eBay for a charity (Homeward Pet of WA, a no-kill shelter loved by Ana charity, where she continues to populate her ever growing pet selection).

Hope this post makes you smile and keeps you warm. ūüôā

Fulay – aka Sue

What’s new pussy cat (ala Tom Jones)?

Chocolate Banana SplitI hope you like our new blog.  After much contemplation, research and thought we decided to come up with a completely independent website as our blog.  We hope this will be a good way to share everything and anything without having to figure out how and where exactly we can publish it at our webstore.

We have many new things at the store but in Seattle we have rain, rain and more rain.¬† It has been raining pretty consistently for the last 48 hours and it has been cold…for me this is perfect knitting weather.¬† Of course, given that I don’t have much time for a project from start to finish I satisfy my need for knitting with swatching.¬† So I swatched¬†tonight…a couple of new and a couple of not so new yarns from Crystal Palace.¬† More on this once the swatches dry.

Just finished posting photos of Opal’s Hand Painted line.¬† I was surprised to find out that Opal yarn line is set up like a small company and the manufacturer produces only so much of each line and color and once it is gone usually it is gone for good.¬† Unless the owner decides to bring all or a portion of any given line, which creates a dilemma for me…what do I carry and how much do I want?¬† This is especially important given that I have at least 10 other sock yarns that I am courting and cannot wait to get in to the store and in my hands.¬† I attached a photo of our favorite Opal Hand Painted color line, Banana Chocolate Split, yummy.

More tomorrow – hope everyone is dry and knitting/crocheting with a smile.

Sue F (aka Fulay)